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MsS System
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MsSR 3030R (MagnetoStrictive Sensor) System

MsS (MsSR 3030R) System is a device that electromagnetically generates and receives low-frequency ultrasonic guided waves. It is used for rapidly surveying a long length of pipeline from a single test location. The corrosion wall loss and cracks in aboveground, buried, and insulated pipe can be detected, and their locations and sizes can be estimated by analyzing the data with user-friendly software. MsSR 3030R system is also useful for inspecting and monitoring areas that are difficult to access, such as those at high elevations, behind walls, or under insulation, from a remote accessible location. This saves the time and money that would otherwise be used for scaffolding, insulation removal, or excavation.
MsSR 3030R System is composed of MsSR 3030R instrument, MsS probes, and a laptop computer as shown in a schematic diagram. The operating software in laptop computer controls operating parameters of MssR 3030R and acquires data through a USB port. MsSR 3030R instrument generates tone-burst electric pulse to MsS probes and detects induced voltage in MsS probe that is generated when the ultrasonic guided wave passes through the probe. The signal received from both directions of pipe are analyzed and reported with data analysis and reporting software.

MsSR 3030R System was developed at Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) and is manufactured at SwRI® located San Antonio, Texas by SwRI® personnel to ensure high quality instrumentation.

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