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Guided Wave Inspection

Guided wave inspection is becoming the method of choice for plant operators with insulated and other limited-access piping. Because of the ability of the guided-wave technology to survey a long length of piping quickly, guided wave inspection is used as a pipeline integrity solution for unpiggable pipelines.

The benefits of long-range guided wave inspection with MsS system are:
  • Rapid surveying of long lengths of pipe
  • Detection of corrosion under insulation without removing insulation except the probe location
  • Cost reduction in gaining access to the pipes for inspection
  • The whole pipe wall (100%) is inspected
  • The ability to inspect inaccessible areas such as wall penetration pipe, and road crossing or buried pipes.
  • High temperature pipeline of up to 300°C is inspected.
  • High frequency operation up to 250 kHz.  

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