Guided Wave Analysis
MsS System Specification Capabilities Procedures Calibration Report

    Guided Wave Testing Procedures

    The MsS guided wave testing is performed by the following procedure:

  1. Identify and record the pipe (pipe section, pipeline, etc.). Verify.
  2. Clean the pipe. Wipe off any dirt or loose corrosion with a paper towel. If the surface is rough, use a wire brush or sandpaper to smooth the surface and then clean.
  3. Prepare the FeCo strip to fit the circumference of pipe
  4. Attach the strip around the pipe circumference using shear couplant, mechanical dry coupling, or epoxy bonding
  5. Condition the strip for torsional-mode operation
  6. A continuous probe covers the entire circumference of a pipe
    - Excellent direction control
    - Zero near-field length
  7. Place the MsS probe over the strip
  8. Connect MsS probe to MsS equipment
  9. Acquire data
  10. (Long term monitoring only) Find the best center frequency and wrap electric wires for that frequency operation
  11. (Long term monitoring only) Acquire baseline data for long-term monitoring after reinstalling insulation or recovering of soil
  12. Analyze data and finalize report


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