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Guided Wave Testing Consultancy

MsS guided wave testing system has many application areas for detecting corrosion or cracks with guided wave inspection and monitoring. Some application requires testing with multi frequencies to get more defect information, and using more than one pair of probes to achieve longer inspection range in high attenuation pipe. GWA helps the clients in the following ways:
  • Make guided wave inspection / monitoring procedures for special application
  • Program a tailored software for special application
  • Demonstrate of MsS system to clients
  • Train clients to transfer upgraded MsS technology including probe installation procedure, new probe, and upgraded software.
MsS technology has many proven and potential application areas when it is properly used. The GWA experts will help our clients to use the MsS technology in their special applications.

If our client's application cannot be solved with the current state-of-the-art of MsS technology, GWA will connect you to the development team at SwRI® to solve it through further research and development.

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