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Guided Wave Testing Training and Certification

The magnetostrictive sensor (MsS) guided-wave inspection training covers the principle of guided waves and their propagation in pipeline, guided-wave generation using MsS probe, MsS probe installation, MsS equipment operation, data analysis and reporting. The MsS guided-wave inspection training includes 3 certification levels:

Guided Wave Testing Level I Certification: Requires 5-days training course with passing a written and practical examination. Level I operators can test pipelines according to written instruction. The Level I can analyze data with the help of guided-wave inspection report software and report the findings for straight exposed pipe and above ground insulated pipeline.

Guided Wave Testing Level II Certification: Requires guided-wave testing experience of 9 months or 630 hours in 5 to 27 months with passing a written and practical examination. Level II operators can analyze buried pipeline data, monitoring data and data tested in specialized pipeline with multiple frequencies. The Level II should understand the guided-wave interaction with defects or geometric features at different frequencies.

Guided Wave Testing Level III Certification: Developers of MsS technology have this qualification.

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