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What are the other names for Guided Wave Testing?

    Guided wave testing (GWT) has many different names: LRUT (Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing), MsS Testing (Magnetostrictive Sensor Testing), GUL Testing (Guided Ultrasonic Limited Testing), Guided Wave UT (Ultrasonic Testing), Guided Wave Ultrasonic Long Range Inspection, Long-range guided wave testing, Guided Ultrasonic Long Range Inspection, and Long-range guided UT. But its name was discussed in ASNT and BINDT meeting.

    ASNT selected its name as “Guided Wave Testing” in 2009 ICPIIT committee meeting at Houston. BINDT selected Guided Wave Testing (GWT) as a method in its own right and not a sub technique of UT. Therefore, guided wave testing (GWT)will be proper terminology for describing the activity of low-frequency ultrasonic testing for finding defects in the long-length of pipe with a local probe location.


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